Why Homosexuality is a sin?

The Bible teaches us that God is love and He created men and women in his image.  He created mankind with purpose and He said: Be fruitful and rule over everything. All of us know that sin brought separation between man and God, and also we became self-focus, so, instead, to look God we started to focus on ourself, becoming independent.

So,  Adam through sin gave away his authority as a man and he gave it to satan. When satan rebelled, he lost his position in the heavenly place, so he lost his authority, and the same thing happened to Adam when he sinned. He lost his position, his authority, his relationship and connection with God. Therefore, Adam lost trust and intimacy with God. 

 The good news that, Jesus came to restore everything. Restore our relationship with God, restore our position as a son, but also he came to restore our identity ad son and daughter of God. As humankind, we are a powerful being, and in our development, when we were a child, we needed real love and affirmation. A child to grow emotionally strong and grow in his true purpose and his identity need, a real connection with his father and his mother.  The Father releases in the life of the child the identity, the protection and the mother release the sense of being. 

But when a child is wounded, with abandonment, rejection, or maybe doesn’t receive the attention from the father or does not receive love, and affirmation, the child will start to look in other places to receive that love.
Usually, the lack of love and the lack of affirmation can bring an identity and gender confusion, bringing self-rejection and self-hatred and the child will shut a part of his heart to love and in that part, he will feel isolated, alone and stuck, and that part of himself won’t grow in his fulness in the full potential. 

 So here, two things: one will be an unmet need, that will be there forever until the person doesn’t receive the healing and the second that this unmet need will create insecurity and a lack of awareness of the own masculinity and identity. 

I don’t know if you can relate to something like that in your life, but all of us, more or less, we had some trouble or lack when we were a child. Also, to be clear, everybody responds in different ways.  But, as an adult, we try to fill our unmet need with things, with religion, with the lust of power, with sex, with money, with people, with any type of addiction and all of this is rooted in idolatry and the reality that all of these things does not satisfy our hearts.  Sex, people, money or other things are not bad, but if they are in the wrong order can bring deception and destroy our life.

 Jesus did not come to judge us, but he came to save us, to restore our identity, and to restore our connection between God and ourself, to restore ourself with ourself, and also to restore the connection with other people.  

God does not judge gays or Transgenders but he loves everybody. But he wants to restore all people to the real love, to have a deep and real connection with God and with each other. And this is only possible through Jesus.

 So, homosexuality is a sin, because is idolatry and also is a sin against the own body. Any type of immorality is a sin and doesn’t matter if sex is made with the same sex or no, but of course, there are different consequences, because sex is also spiritual.  I know, this topic is quite difficult, because homosexually is not only sex, but is also a mix of love and emotions. But the reality that loves is not sex and is not lust.

Love is a real connection and is giving ourself. Lust is interested in the gratification, is selfish and want to take!

 As I said, sex is not only physical, but is also spiritual and emotional. When we do sex with someone we become one flesh and we contaminate ourself through spiritual transference and soul tie. 

 As a human being, we are like a spiritual gate, we are like a spiritual door and thorugh sex with bound ourself with people and we can receive curse and demons too. Is why God commands to do sex only under a covenant with Him.

 So, if you are gay or transgender God really loves you and he wants to fill your heart with his love and restore your identity as Son or Daughter of the King. Only the love of Jesus can really satisfy and only in Him, you can find your true identity and your purpose.


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