Identity Distortion 

The Bible says that we are created in the image of God. We are created to have dominion over all the creation and we are called to reign and to live a life full of purpose and worship only God. 

We are made in three parts but we are one: spirit, soul and body.

  • The Spirit is our conscience, where we communicate with God and with the spirit realm.
  • The Soul is our mind, emotions and will.
  • Our Body is our tissues, bones, blood and all the body.

We are designed to live from our spirit to our soul, so the spirit should reign and guide the soul. We are a spirit, with a soul, in a body. 

But when Adam and Eva sinned, our spirit died. 

God is our source of life, but when Adan and Eva sinned, the connection with Him has been cut off. So all the humankind started to focus on themself (self-centred) and not on God anymore.

Consequently, our identity and perception became distorted.  Fear, shame and an orphan state came into the heart of men.
So, we become disconnected from God, unable to hear and trust his voice.

The good news is that God sends his Son to restore the relationship with all of us (You included) and also to reveal His heart.
Furthermore, through Christ, God revealed who we are, and also enable us, to live in our full potential and our full purpose. But, we have to born again and renew our mind to grasp all the blessing and grow into Christlikeness.

Unfortunately, many of us, we are born in a dysfunctional family, and deep wounds can damage our perceptions and our identity.  

In my opinion, there are 8 roots that can damage and distort our Identity. 

  • Generation Iniquity: is the influence of sin, attitude or demons from the past generation can pass through the bloodline and bring an identity distortion. Is like a set up for the person’s life. 
  • Family attitude and expectation: the relationship with our parents and siblings make our foundation to build our life, trust and our identity. So, if this foundation has been not made properly with the unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love, we can become distorted. 
  • Religion: religion can bring a distortion in the identity because the person can strive to achieve righteousness, holiness, or to meet God but all of this can be only receive through Jesus and is a gift. When we act as religious people, or we live a religion, we become distorted and we have a distorted image of God. In reality, we should act as Son and Daughter of God and have a relationship with him. 
  • Trauma: fragment the soul. The person becomes split and can see the reality, and himself distorted.
  • Rejection: Can bring distortion of how we see our self and how we see other people.
  • Ungodly control: can destroy a person identity because steal the freedom, the creativity and the will of the person and bring distortion to the identity. 
  • Abuse: Spiritual abuse, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, can bring a lot of damage in a person life. The consequence is brokenness, shame, feeling guilt, the feeling to be unworthy and feeling stuck. 
  • Fear: can limit us and control our lives, and is based on believing a lie. Means we put trust in the wrong things and not in the truth.

But the solution is Jesus!! He came to this earth to save us, but also to restore, to make us a NEW CREATION! 

Many time in my life I saw Jesus show me that He is the mirror of my true identity.
One day, He showed me, when my identity has been broken, through an abandonment wound that opened a door to rejection and self-rejection.  In this memory, I was seeing a broken mirror, but fortunately, but by the Grace of God this mirror was made whole again.
And in this picture, I was still seeing the scars of the brokenness, but they were all cover with his Glory. So, my identity was restored, and I was like him. I was like a Fire and a Lion. So, this is me in Him. The new me!

All of us has some distortion in the identity, and today we are called to align ourself to our true identity in Christ and to be intentional to receive the restoration, that Jesus paid.

How you can receive healing and be delivered from any distortion in your identity? 

  • Knowing Jesus
  • Renouncing all the lies
  • Receiving his love
  • Renew the mind
Christian Morano
Christian Morano

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