English schools are to have lessons in “How We Touch Our Own And Each Other’s Bodies”

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Is sad to know that the next generations can be damaged in their value, identity and integrity from wrong teachings at school.

LGBTQ community is pushing for acceptance, love, respect and also to educate children at school, adults at work, that gay family are fine, and gay people are born gay…

 I think everybody understands their desire to feel included, accepted and to do not feel any shame or feel rejection about their lifestyle, love, same-sex attraction and relationship.

I am for total respect to people, and I love diversity as everybody is unique and distinct and also everybody is free to think and believe what he wants.

 Jesus changed my life. All my life I was looking to mem for connections, love, affirmations but always I was left empty and not satisfied. In Jesus, I found the love and in Him, I found my true self.

 So in my life, I decide to follow Jesus, to let his blood wash me and let his Holy Spirit make me a new creation. Starting to live with purpose, having a relationship with Him and discover him that he loves me.

 To be honest, only in God, I can be really satisfied. A man can not give me the love, the joy, the life that I am looking for.

Jesus came to restore our relationship with the creator and also to transform our heart, to make us son and daughter. To make as a new creation. Anyway I respect all gay people, and I love them in Christ, and Jesus himself loves them.

Everybody is free to choose and believe what it wants, but the problem is when there is an ungodly control trying to normalise and also to educate children about sexuality, identity with wrong principles and wrong teaching.

We can not put confusion in the mind of children.  I think we are responsible for the next generation.

 If you think, all of us are born from a woman and not from a man!! This should be the real family with children.

A gay couple can love each other, live together but not growing up children, not because they are bad but because children need a man and women to grow whole and well. They need the right bondage to the mother and the connection, the identity footprint from the father. 

We are created for the real family!!

I respect and love gay people, but this does not mean that I need to agree with them or agree to the gay community. 

PS: There is no discrimination in my words.

I agree that we need to teach respect to all children, but to be honest we can not teach that a family can have two dads or two mothers. 

 I know children maybe are asking questions about it, and we need to bring awareness but is not the right solution to teach diversity in this way.

Wrong teaching about identity and sexuality, can bring children in the wrong direction, into confusion in their gender and in a path of gender dysphoria, where the child is going to be push to take puberty blockers.

Now the National Health Service (NHS) is discovering the damage of these drugs and the effects of the treatment that can be “irreversible.”

 In the UK, there are so many requests from minors seeking a sex change, that doctors have considering doing consults via Skype. And the Experts say that the children who take puberty blockers and then hormones of the opposite sex as part of their desired transition may experience serious damage, including sterility and other health problems.

 We cannot allow children to be used for scientific experiments where the results speak clearly with more than 6000 deaths connected to the puberty blocker.

 So many transgender people right now are full of regret, and in pain because of the transition, that doesn’t solve the issue that is in the heart and not in the body. (Read Here) 

Jesus Christ accept and love everybody, but HIS love changes and restores. His love does not leave us as we are… His love transforms us in who we are. 

“And Tango Makes Three book in many nations, has been banned because of the diversity of the family. Two men or two women can not make a child, so this is obvious. Why do we try to change nature? A baby to develop needs a real father (man) and a real mother (woman).

Many mothers, ( most Muslims) are still protesting to withdraw their child from such teachings. 

“All About Me” Sex Education Curriculum”

Four-year-olds in English schools are to have lessons in “How We Touch Our Own And Each Other’s Bodies” under the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) program which will become compulsory in September 2020.

The “All About Me” sex education curriculum for Reception (age 4–5) instructs teachers to give children “the opportunity to explore a variety of different touch and feel sensations” and allow them “to decide which they like and dislike.” Children in this age group will also be taught the names of private parts like “penis and anus (bum) for boys” and “vulva, vagina and anus for girls.”

Teachers are to “encourage the class to shout out and name the private body parts using the correct terms.” Further, “when it comes to naming female genitals we would like to encourage you to use the term vulva, instead of vagina,” the Reception year curriculum states. “We would like to encourage girls to own their whole sexual anatomy, including their pleasurable parts rather than reducing it to merely their baby-making body parts,” explains the teaching material.

The lessons do not mention marriage or commitment in sexual or romantic relationships even though the Education Act 2002 requires schools to teach children “the nature of marriage and civil partnership and their importance for family life and the bringing up of children.”

Six-year-olds (Year 2) are taught masturbation or “self-stimulation” and told it is “really very normal” and should be done “only do when we are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or in bed, a bit like picking your nose, it is certainly not polite to do in class when everyone is watching.”
The lesson adds as an example for discussion: “When Autumn has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs, it feels nice.”
The curriculum is consistently explicit and shows naked depictions of boys and girls from ages 4–5 onwards. An activity for Year 4 (age 8–9) involves asking children to “draw hair” on pictures of a man and a woman “in a variety of places.”

Year 4 are also told that “a girl’s vulva has lips too and just like the ones on your mouth they cover a doorway into her body, the vagina, which leads to the entire baby making kit inside.”

In Year 5 (age 9–10) children are given “a copy of the guided tour to girls and boys bits worksheet” and asked, “to complete the missing parts and colour in the sheet.”
Traditional views on sex are associated with “very strong beliefs and values about sex” or with people who think sex is “rude” and “funny.”
“No one has the right to tell you how you should feel or what to believe and that includes your attitudes to sex, but sex should never be something you should be encouraged to feel guilty or ashamed about,” since “some people may have sex to feel close to their partner or because it can feel nice,” the textbook tells children.

The curriculum promotes homosexuality by featuring two boys in a romantic relationship — shown to Year 5 children. Teachers are given guidelines to help children in “accepting and treating the romance as no different to one between a boy and a girl. “Year 5 offers a case study of a girl who is asked by another girl if she will be her girlfriend”.

Teachers are told: “There are other children that even at this very early age already know that they are attracted to the same gender, so don’t dismiss this as something they will grow out of.”

In a discussion activity on secrets, children are told to discuss: “Lucy has told Autumn who she has a crush on, it is another girl.” In the same year, children are also introduced to being “bisexual” as normal sexual behaviour.
Transgenderism is promoted from age 6 onwards. In Year 2 (age 6–7) teachers are told: “You may well have a child whom even at this early age doesn’t feel like they fit the binary stereotypes of their birth gender. … This is an ideal opportunity to talk to the class about the issue and ensure that their classmates are supportive and understand.”

Year 5 has a story to encourage exploration and acceptance of transgenderism by the class. In the story, King Binary ruled a kingdom with a river separating Sheland with pink flowers inhabited only by girls from Heland with blue flowers where only boys were allowed to live.
“The trouble is, not everyone felt that they fitted neatly in either Sheland or Heland, especially as the small children grew up and began to explore who they were and where they belonged,” says the story.
“What if you happen to be red or purple instead of blue or pink?” children are asked. They are then asked to write new rules that are “gender-neutral, positive and inclusive.”
The curriculum also attempts to deconstruct masculinity.
“To be brave you have balls! (Testicles)! Why can’t we say ‘wow you have proper ovaries?!?'” Year 5 children are told.

Despite the large proportion of explicit sexual content, only 3 of the 35 sessions of “All About Me” are classified as sex education. The rest, including sections on “where babies come from,” masturbation, homosexuality and transgenderism are classified as “relationships education.”
The authors explain: “Remember this is why this lesson sits in the relationship category — this lesson is just as much about families as it is about where babies come from.”
According to the new laws, parents cannot withdraw their children from relationships education, but only from sex education.

Part of this article: https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/uk-schools-to-teach-4-year-olds-how-to-masturbate

Article News: Thousands of deaths linked to drugs used as puberty blockers for gender-confused kids

Article News: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7505617/Professor-John-Whitehall-doctors-want-parliamentary-inquiry-childhood-gender-dysphoria.html

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