Covenant Eyes Review: Screen Accountability Software to gain freedom from porn addiction

Covenant Eyes is a screen accountability software that monitors internet activity on devices where it has been installed. It captures screenshots, analyzes the content, and reports any violations of the user’s accountability policy to their ally. It also provides filtering options to block access to inappropriate content. Thanks to the Screen Accountability™, users are supported by a trusted ally who provides accountability and encouragement throughout their journey of freedom.

In today’s digital age, the topic of pornography addiction can be uncomfortable to discuss. However, isolating oneself only gives porn power. This is where Covenant Eyes comes in as a powerful solution. By adopting Covenant Eyes, individuals can invite someone they know and trust to become their ally in the journey to overcome porn addiction. This accountability system serves as a beacon of support, bringing users out of isolation and into a life of transparency and integrity. Trusted allies receive objective insights into online behavior through the Victory app, which tracks and delivers a comprehensive activity feed. This allows for honest and healing conversations that aid in quitting porn for good.

Covenant Eyes Main Features

Monitoring: Bringing Objectivity to Accountability Conversations
Covenant Eyes utilizes patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to monitor device activity and scan for concerning content. The Covenant Eyes app delivers powerful AI software that objectively monitors screen activity, providing valuable insights for accountability conversations. Whether you are using an Android device, iOS, or desktop computer, Covenant Eyes offers full device screen monitoring to track activity across various apps and browsers. This comprehensive monitoring feature ensures that no matter where you go online, you are supported by a vigilant ally.

Activity Feed: A Clear Window into Device Activity
The Activity Feed within the Covenant Eyes Victory app offers a scrollable and filterable feed of device activity and information[1]. Covenant Eyes’ proprietary 3-class rating model employs AI technology to determine if content is explicit, suggestive, or clean[1]. Based on this rating, explicit and suggestive content is flagged for further review in the Activity Feed. All content in the feed is securely encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, safeguarding user privacy and ally integrity[1]. With the Activity Feed, users gain valuable insights into their online patterns and can address concerning content head-on.

Blocking: Filtering Out Explicit Content for Greater Protection
Preventing exposure to explicit content is of utmost importance in the fight against pornography addiction. Covenant Eyes offers powerful blocking capabilities to create a safe online environment. Powered by Clean Browsing, Covenant Eyes’ domain blocking feature effectively eliminates access to millions of explicit websites. Additionally, users have control over what is filtered through customized block and allow lists, granting greater flexibility in shaping their online experience. Covenant Eyes also ensures safe search functionality across major search engines and locks in YouTube Restricted Mode, further reducing the risk of encountering explicit content. With blocking features in place, individuals can enhance their efforts to break free from pornography’s grip.

Alerts: Strengthened Support
The Covenant Eyes Too provides additional support through its alert system. Activity alerts promptly notify users and their allies if explicit content is accessed, ensuring swift action can be taken. Allies can also set check-in reminders, adding an extra layer of accountability and encouragement in the journey to quit porn. By receiving real-time alerts and setting reminders, individuals can stay on track and experience heightened awareness in their battle against pornography.

Learning: Empowering Education for a Life Free from Porn
In addition to comprehensive monitoring and filtering features, Covenant Eyes offers specially created mini-courses designed to educate and empower individuals in their journey to quit porn. These courses delve into various topics, including the neuroscience behind pornography’s impact on the brain, the psychology behind habitual porn use, and the importance of accountability and supporting others in their quests for freedom. By accessing these valuable resources, individuals can gain crucial insights and tools to overcome pornography addiction.

How does Covenant Eyes work?

Covenant Eyes has two powerful apps that work in harmony: the Covenant Eyes App and the Victory App.

Covenant Eyes App: Freedom through Transparency
This app seamlessly integrates with all of your devices, serving as a vigilant monitor of your screen activity. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the Covenant Eyes app actively scans for concerning activity, providing an additional layer of protection. By installing this app on all devices that need to be monitored, users can gain peace of mind knowing that their online behavior is being actively observed. Furthermore, the Covenant Eyes app offers access to filtering, further bolstering protection against explicit and harmful content. With the Covenant Eyes app, users can navigate the online world with transparency and accountability.

Victory App: Your Ally in the Journey to Quit Porn
The Victory app is the companion app that complements the Covenant Eyes app, offering an array of essential features to support users in their journey to quit porn. At the core of the Victory app is an easy-to-use activity feed, providing a clear window into users’ device activity. This feed allows users to gain insights into their online patterns, identify concerning behaviors, and make proactive changes. Additionally, the Victory app delivers activity alerts, promptly notifying users and their allies if explicit content is accessed. These alerts act as a safety net, ensuring that concerning activities are promptly addressed and accountability is maintained.

Covenant Eyes for Individuals and Couples

Marriages and relationships impacted by pornography can discover hope and restoration with the powerful tools offered by Covenant Eyes. Whether individuals or couples, Covenant Eyes allows users to select a trusted ally, such as a spouse, close friend, or family member, to rebuild trust and revitalize their bonds. The Covenant Eyes app diligently tracks device activity, providing essential opportunities to establish healthy boundaries and ensure porn-free environments. Through the Victory app, allies can seamlessly access and observe real-time activity feeds, providing them with the means to support and encourage progress. By inviting a trusted person to witness their device usage, individuals not only change their engagement with technology but also foster honesty and transparency within their relationships. This dynamic combination of tools allows for the restoration of trust, embarking on a healing journey together, and ultimately achieving lasting freedom from the grip of pornography.

Covenant Eyes for strengthening Family Bonds and Building Trust

For parents, Covenant Eyes becomes a valuable tool to guide their children on the path to recovery or prevent the start of pornography usage. The app actively monitors the child’s devices and utilizes effective filtering mechanisms to keep explicit content at bay. With the Victory app, parents gain a comprehensive feed of their child’s device activity and receive real-time alerts if explicit material is accessed. By engaging in open and honest discussions with their children, parents can help heal shame, strengthen the parent-child relationship, and guide their children away from the harmful effects of pornography.

How does Covenant Eyes work on iPhone?

Covenant Eyes works on iPhone by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to monitor internet activity. The VPN technology captures information about browsing sessions and sends it to Covenant Eyes servers for analysis. It also uses an advanced algorithm to detect explicit content in the web pages visited. The app runs in the background and can be monitored by an accountability partner using the Victory app. (Due to Apple restrictions, Screen Accountability is only available in Safari and in the Covenant Eyes app.)

How does Covenant Eyes work on Android?

Similar to the iPhone, Covenant Eyes on Android uses a VPN to monitor internet activity and content. The app captures screenshots of the device and analyzes them for explicit content. It also filters and blocks inappropriate content and allows users to customize their accountability policy. The activity can be monitored by allies using the Victory app.

Covenant Eyes

✅ Filtering
✅ Uses top level VPN
✅ Great support
✅ 14 Free Day Trial
30-day money-back guarantee
Accountability system with trusted allies.
Monitors and filters online activity.
Real-time alerts for explicit content.
Educational resources for recovery.
Available across multiple platforms.
Unlimited Devices
Potential false positives in content filtering.
One of the higher monthly subscriptions

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