๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi, I am Christian

I am Italian and a few years ago I moved to London because Jesus asked me to come and live here.
I grow up in a dysfunctional family, where my mother controlled me, abused me, and my father was passive. Growing up, I did not receive their love; I shut down myself and also I started to feel the same-sex attraction. I used to do many nightmares, and they were a premonition of something bad was happening in my family, like arguing or other problems in the family.

My journey of Faith started in the catholic church but with a mixture of new-age practices in a religious prayer group. As I was looking for God, and He was looking for me, I felt called by Him to consecrate my life to Him. After two years of praying and going to this prayer group, I became a Catholic monk.

For 5 years, I have been in a Franciscan monastery, but to be honest, I was only a religious person.

But, one day everything changed, because I went in a charismatic conference where the power of God was really strong and during that meeting, I felt a vortex in my body and I saw a huge demon. From that moment my spiritual eyes have been opened, and I started to see demons, angels and the Holy Spirit started to reveal me the root of my problems in my life, in my identity, and in my sexuality.

The Kainos Movement

After that, I left the monastery, and I started a deep journey of healing and deliverance. Jesus started to bring out all my pain in my childhood, and I did not know but in my family, there was a lot occult, idolatry, witchcraft because my grand grandmother was a witch moving in power and a lot of generation iniquity, came into my life.
Also, a few years ago the Lord reveals to me, the main memory of my brokenness that has been an activation in the spirit, and an open door to the enemy to destroy my identity, with the involvement of a familiar spirit and other demons.

In my book testimony, I share my journey with you and how the Lord revealed to me the hidden things of the darkness and also revealed to me the truth and his love for me.

In fact, through Jesus, I have discovered an authentic love.
I have discovered a real Friend and a Father who loves me and desires intimacy with me. Only an intimate relationship with Him can satisfy the heart of man, with the fullness of an abundant life which He promised.

Journey Into Sonship (Paperback)

From Homosexuality to Wholeness In my book testimony, I share my journey with you and…